Sunday, November 18, 2012

Gratitude: Day 15

I'm grateful for the holiday season. I love how the focus of everyone seems to change during this time of year. Everyone seems a little happier and nicer. People are a little more focused on giving and serving. There is a warmth that comes as it gets colder. That sounds contradictory but the holidays really do bring a warmth all their own. It comes from parties with friends, visiting family, spending time walking through lights and nativity displays, sitting by a Christmas tree and fire with hot chocolate, and eating home cooked meals with people you love. It's a season of remembering Christ and trying to live a little bit better.

Golden and I went to the lighting of Riverwoods on Friday night and it was a lot of fun. The lights there are amazing and there was live music that concluded with Ryan Shupe and the rubber-band (whom I am really starting to like). It was cold and rained a little bit but was actually quite comfortable and enjoyable. There were a ton of people there. I have never seen the parking lot overflowing like it was. I enjoyed people watching and seeing all the couples and families and little groups of friends. Everyone was happy and enjoying the evening. I recommend going and seeing the lights if you are looking for a fun evening.

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