Saturday, November 17, 2012

Gratitude: Day 14

I'm grateful for weekends. It's so nice to have days built in during the week for sleeping in and playing. Sometimes they even give me time to get caught up on the things I need to do like laundry, cleaning, and eating. With my job I also get an extra long weekend every other week. Those bonus 3 day weekends are fantastic. Then there is one day for play and one for relaxing. Today I slept in an extra hour and a half (7:30), ran a race (won second), went to The Leonardo and the Natural History Museum of Utah (both for free and both quite fun), watched a movie, and sorta watched the BYU game while I looked at pictures and blogged a little. It was a nice Saturday. Now tomorrow I don't have to get up for anything! Having church at 1:00pm has its benefits.

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