Thursday, November 15, 2012

Gratitude: Day 12

I am grateful for my book club. About a year and a half ago I called up one of my old roommates and we decided to start a book club. We had always shared and talked about books but now that she was married and we were living in different cities I missed that, and her. We picked a book and started searching for people to join our group.
There are four of us who always come and I have loved our little group. I thought four was going to be too small but it makes for really great discussion where everyone is involved. I look forward to our get together every month. I get so excited to see my book club girls and to be able catch up and talk about our book. It's a much needed social interaction with girls I love.
We have done all kinds of books and it has been good for me to expand my horizons a bit. It is also nice to know I will read at least one book a month. We did take one hiatus when there was a baby born but I'm glad we have been able to get right back on track!

Books we've read:
The Princes Bride (A very interesting and fun read)
And Then There Were None (Fun mystery, I haven't read many book like this)
The Great Gatsby (Classic)
Glass Castle (Fascinating, the train wreck you cant stop watching)
Little Prince (One of my favorites)
Gift from the Sea (Interesting discussion, an analysis/reflection of women's' roles)
Shades of Grey (Not 50 shades of grey, one of my favorites that we have read)
Ella Minnow Pea (Cute, short, fun language)
Mormon Scientist (Biography of a very interesting man, but not incredibly well written)
Wednesday Wars (Fun cute, young adult)
Princess of the Midnight Ball (Young adult, not as good as others I've read by the same author)
Heaven is Here (Autobiography, interesting but I think it's really hard to get biographical information that is universally interesting, parts were really good)
The Giver (Classic, Favorite!, we went to hear Lois Lowry speak and she was really good, it was a fun book club)
Hitler Youth (good discussion, I learned a few things)

I'm sure there are a few more so if you (Jessica, Steph or Paige) know what I missed let me know. I'm looking forward to many more books and fun evenings!

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