Monday, December 3, 2012

Gratitude: Day 19

I am grateful for my sister.

Emma and I are 8 years apart so we've always been in very different stages of life. She was a baby and I was playing with dolls, she started playing with dolls when I started to get really interested in hanging-out with friends, she started playing with friends when I was off dating and in college, you get the point. We were too far apart to ever fight but we weren't as close because of that as well. When Mason left on his mission and Emma and I became the only two kids, we got to spend a lot more time together.  We went on some fun vacations, started talking more and got to know each other better. She is probably my favorite travel buddy. We've had fun going to plays in New York and to the MET and the sacred grove, to Disneyland and six flags, the beach, BNP Paribas tennis tournament, sleepovers in utah and more. When that horrible year of 2011 happened she was the only person who really understood how I felt. We became best friends and it was so good to know I had someone who was experiencing the same things I was. When life was hard or frustrating it was good to be to be there for her and to have her there to talk to. I love being able to watch tv shows and movies together. We both love Disney and are little kids at heart. We could watch Emperors New Groove and Meet the Robinsons on repeat and then quote both movies to each other after and still want to watch them again. Thanks Emma for being your creative little self and for always being such a loving cute little/big sister. I love you so much and I am glad that we have become close over the years! Feel free to come crash at my house anytime. I love you, Sue!

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