Thursday, May 1, 2014

"Chase the Mayor 5K"

This is the 5K that is in conjunction with the Provo City Marathon. It was on May 4th. LAST YEAR (2013), I just didnt get around to blogging about it until now.

I am working on my 5k time this year so I'm currently on the lookout for good fast 5ks. There are a lot of 5Ks but the thing is they can vary in length. I have had people say "a 5k is anything 2.8 miles to 3.2" and while in high school that was fine for me. I was racing the same people all the time and was more worried about my standing on the team. Now that I can race anywhere and against anyone it's nice if I can compare 5ks without a conversion and having to keep track of which ones are long or short. I am working on a personal best and I already have to factor in difficulty of a course, weather conditions, how I am feeling, etc. Can't we all just agree to make a 5k 5 kilometers, 3.1 miles? Or at least get close.

CON As you may have guessed from my rant this race was long. It was 3.2 by my gps. You may be thinking .1 no big deal, but that can be an extra minute to some and in my case an extra about 45 seconds. Part of my annoyance was that I paid 10 dollars more for this race over a couple other options that were available that day because I figured as a bigger more expensive race they would go out of their way to make it accurate.

PRO I did totally love that this race stared at 9am! Not having to get up ridiculously early in the cold is definitely awesome. It started at 3300 N University in Provo and you were suppose to park there and they said there would be shuttles to take you back to your car. CON The marathon and half started earlier and are on the same course so we started in the midst of them. I had to do quite a bit of weaving to get through the slower half marathon finishers. This also meant that the marathon winner finished among a large group of half marathoners so there was no ribbon and he was doing quite a bit of weaving.

There were oranges, Creamies!, water and gatorade. PRO It seemed a little skimpy but then there was Magleby's french toast which was delicious. You just had to be willing to wait in the long line for it, but it moved pretty quickly.

We decided that we should go get the car but I didnt want to miss the awards. In the information they gave us they had said awards would be at 9:40 and it was about then. We asked someone and they said they should have them in the net 20 minutes. That's not a big deal. CON Results often take awhile but an hour later they finally started them and we still needed to get the car. The awards were quite disorganized and they had to ask for medals back after giving them to the wrong person. The speaker they were using was blown so it was hard to hear and they quickly read off names so by the time you go up there the people handing out medals had no idea who you were and what medal belong to you (hence giving them to the wrong person). PRO They did have the winners medals inscribed with your place and age division on the back. That was pretty cool. Plus the ribbon was a different color than the marathon/half finisher medal ribbon.

CON Finally we were ready to go and we couldn't find the shuttle so we had to jog the 3.2 miles back to the car. On the way back we did see a school bus pass us which we thought was the shuttle going to pick people off but we never saw it pass to drop people off so it was faster to jog.


I wont do this race again. The race being long was the clincher but having to jog back to the car was also a big con. There were good things about this race but not enough to get me back.

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