Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Goal #1 Accomplished

Races                                                      Time
St George Half Marathon                      1:53:21

Death Valley Half Marathon                 1:52:36

Thanksgiving Point Half Marathon      1:48:22

Bryce Canyon Half Marathon               1:38:48


Technically at each of those races I got a PR. My goal at the beginning of the year really was to get below 1:50 and I met that in April. I now got under 1:40 and I don't even know what to do with myself! I am going to work on my 5k time a little bit but my mom and I are still looking for another half.

This is my friend Lauren who I convinced to run with me. This was her first Half and she did awesome! She finished in 2:02. My mom was there too but I cant find a picture of her at the moment. I think she has it on her phone.

Don't be deceived by the rain in the after picture. Lauren and I finished before the down poor started. We barely got sprinkled on. My poor mamma was stuck out in it for at least 20 minutes! She is a trooper!

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