Thursday, October 20, 2011

Wizarding World of Harry Potter

 The best part of the whole experience was just exploring Hogsmead and Hogwarts. It took us more then half a day and it really isn't that big. The merchandise is all fun to look at as well and often hard to resist. I'd have to say none of the rides were really worth the journey. The one in the castle made my mom and I both nauseous and was quite scary with all the dementors.


We arrived on the Hogwarts Express. Okay, you cant actually get on it but it was still pretty cool.

You can go in Hogwarts and wander around a little, mostly while you are in line. We spent a while in Dumbledore's office. He gave us a lot of advice. One such piece was to choose what is right even when it is not the easy choice.

These paintings were discussing Harry and his accomplishments.

On the grounds we discovered the runaway Ford Anglia.


Hogsmead, despite the snow it was very warm and sunny.

We had lunch at the Hogshead and enjoyed some butterbeer. Yum!

We got some postcards and things at the Owl Post.

We also checked out the wands at Olivander's. Though I am not sure why his shop is now in Hogsmead. I guess he had closed his shop in Diagon Alley so may as well reopen here.

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